Schwinn Roadster Tricycle with Classic Bicycle Bell and Handlebar Tassels, Featuring Retro Steel Frame and Adjustable Seat, for Children and Kids Ages 2-4 Years Old, Red


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- The Schwinn Roadster Kid's Tricycle is designed with a retro look and a steel trike frame, and its low center of gravity makes it easy to ride and perfect for young riders.
- Its adjustable sculpted seat moves forwards and backwards with five lock-in positions, making it ideal for growing legs or different family members.
- The rear deck is made of genuine wood with burnt-in Schwinn logo, while the scalloped chrome fenders provide a fashionable ride.
- Take to the streets in style with mustache-style cruiser bars and a classic bike bell. Flowing fabric tassels make this a great gift for kids who love classic biker style.
- This tricycle bike comes ready to be assembled, has a limited lifetime warranty, and is recommended for children, ages 2-4 years old.

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Got this for my adorable 2 year old granddaughter

Got this for my adorable 2 year old granddaughter..she just loves it so far ..she is 32 inches tall and can just reach the pedals with the seat all the way forward ..the rear axle does not have ball bearings so i took it apart and put grease on the bushings..attaching a photo to show what i did..i seen from another reviewer that they had water damage after water was spilt on the back wooden i took it off and the chrome ring around it and sanded it down with 200 grit sandpaper and gave it 5 coats of minwax acrylic clearcoat ..o my it shines now plus should help protect for years to come ..the front wheel does have ball bearings so i put a couple of drops of oil in there.just help it last longer..the rear tires are a pain to inflate ..tried to put air in them and the tire pops off the i used painters masking tape and got the tire where i wanted it and wrapped tape around tire and rim so the tape would hold in place while inflating ..worked like a charm..see attached photo ..all in all we love it and our little one does too..hope this helps others to decide on a good fit for there little angel

Go Faster, Turn Sharper. Solid Trike. Actually Made with Metal and Rubber...and Not All Plastic

Excellent quality and weight. Now that my daughter is older (3.5 years old) she wants to go faster. And she was just not able to with her classic Radio Flyer tricycle which is lighter in weight and has a higher center of gravity... she complained that she feels like the tricycle will flip over and we did have a few close calls when she did go too fast. So we started to look for a "big wheel" style trike, read tons of reviews and decided on the Schwinn Roadster.We love the price point, sporty retro look but more so, the overall quality and weight of this trike. Compared to other similar trikes, this actually has metal body and rubber tires where most others are completely plastic, even the tires. Daughter loves the bell and streamers and that she can go fast and take sharper turns without worry. However, because the trike is metal, it is heavier and harder to pedal. At first she would tire out rather quickly but as we ride more, she is building up strength and endurance.We received many compliments while riding this trike. Little boys and girls point to it and ask their parents for the same thing. It is a cool little trike!We are very happy with this addition to our fleet and will get many years of use out of this as it gets passed along down the line of children.

Back tire innertube a PAIN to find and replace.

Nice, quality, attractive tricycle. The only reason i gave it 4 stars is that after the back inner tube on one of the tires came popped, the manufacturer couldn't seem to get the right innertube shipped to me. Apparently the back inner tubes are not listed in their database as the appropriate part. They kept sending me a 12in. Inner tube which fits the front tire perfectly, but bot the back tires. Even after searching other sources for the correct sized inner tube, I STILL couldn't find one to fit this tricycle. After much back and forth emailing and calling Schwinn, they eventually solved the problem and are delivering me the correct inner tube. Schwinn did work to resolve the issue after speaking with one of the reps on the confusion so I'm pleased with their customer service. However, all over the web people are searching for this tube and not many people seem to have much luck finding it without a lot of hassle, so that's something to think about before purchasing. Pray the back inner tubes don't ever bust or come to you busted like in my case. You may or may not be able to find a replacement. Otherwise, it is an adorable, well made and safe tricycle that my girls love. Hopefully Schwinn will fix whatever is in their system causing them to ship the incorrect part for the back tires. Despite that set back, I still am happy with the trikes themselves.

Great! Bought it twice!

OMG, a great trike! We had this exact trike for our 1st son (he will be 15 years-old in March). We used it for him and our next THREE kids! Ummm...then I accidentally ran it over and it did not survive.Our 5th child is a bit over 2 and he got this trike for Christmas and he loves it! Even though its freezing out, he's been riding it around the neighborhood sidewalks. I'm sure he will ride it for the the next year or two, then it will get passed down to our next baby, who is due in 6 weeks.This is a great buy for the money. It's sturdy and will last. After I ran it over, I bought my son a replacement classic metal Radio Flyer trike and the quality just couldn't compare. This trike has air filled tires, that you can buy replacement tubes for, if needed. An adjustable seat, a platform on the back that my older kids have always hopped on for a ride. Oh, and a bell! That alone makes my 2 year-old happy!

Good low-rider that allows an early start to fun

Bought this for my granddaughter and it will probably last through her but maybe not much longer. Her other tricycle, which is the smallest the competitors makes, was too high and tipsy. She could not reach the pedals. This one is a lowrider and very hard to flip over. The back wheels are far apart which makes for great stability. Three things that stand out as sub-quality. One is the bolt aligning the handle bars. I have to keep tightening it and eventually I will probably drill it. The other is the back wood plate which needs a good finish applied upon arrival. The other is the back wheel caps. They do not stay on and will probably have to have a spot of glue to keep them in place. All of these defects don't keep her from enjoying the tricycle and that is what is important. Just a grumpy old man missing the quality of days gone by when my tricycle flew off jumps and into mud holes with no damage except to the rider.

Well made, classic looks, stable for toddlers.

Pros: My 3.5 years old son has been using it now for 2 year now; he loves it. The low seat improves stability. Bucket seat seems comfortable. The rubber tires are nice. We store it indoors; however, it is exposed to wet grass. We have no issues with rust so far. Overall, it is well and fully operational after 2+ year of use.